“Woodland Pond” was inspired by a walk near our Vermont country house, where golden light filtered through trees and reflected in a small pond. Here’s the photo (with some blobs of color where I started painting on it in Photoshop).

  1. Since there will be no white, or naked paper, in this image, my first print is yellow ink on an uncarved piece of linoleum.
  1. Next, I do a carving of the light orange shapes on a new piece of linoleum.
  1. Now I grab that first uncarved linoleum, carve away the parts that should show yellow and light orange, and print tan.
  1. I take the previous carving and cut away all the shapes that should remain tan. Now an experiment: I want green leaves and red leaves in this picture. Can I cut out a step and print both at once? I mix both colors, and blend them on the ink roller. It works! Reddish trees above, brown leaves in the center, olive leaves below.

5. With a new piece of linoleum, I draw the shapes that should print black, and carve away the negative space.

  1. The carving and the finished product