Only three pieces of linoleum are needed to create the seven carvings for this seven-color print.

  1. The first carving prints blue, everywhere but where the lemons will be.

2. I take that first carving, and carve away the shapes that should remain blue, and print green.

3. Now using a new piece of linoleum, I carve lemon shapes to fit perfectly in those blank spots and print yellow

4. I use that same lemon-shaped carving to cut away the parts that should stay yellow. Using my thinnest blade, I cut tiny dots and dashes to create a soft edge, and print light orange lemon shadows.

5. Using the same piece again, I cut another soft, delicate edge just below the light orange edge and print orangey-tan lemon shadows.

6. Now back to the very first carving again: carve away everything but the leaf shadow shapes; print dark green.

7. Finally, I get a new piece of linoleum and carve away all but the outlines and shadows that should be black, and print.