About Laura

Doing a carving for Winter Woods IV, and tweaking it on the press
Printing the 7th carving in black; Winter Woods IV is finished
A lifelong tree-hugger
Our wedding in 2007. Husband Bob is now also business partner Bob.
We do about a dozen art festivals a year
With Bob’s 5 kids, 2 S.O.s and a granddaughter
My 2 kids, in red checks and red lips, son-in-law, brother and Dad
My block printing workshop
Painting “Hosta”
“Beauty in fine art is not always fashionable, but humans need it. Especially now. I make art to show the beauty that is still all around us. Turn off the news and notice the light through the trees. It will calm you down, and lift you up.”
After getting her degree in art and spending several years as a graphic designer and commercial illustrator, Laura discovered the designs and philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement. Inspired, she learned printmaking, and submitted her vintage-style block prints to the Roycroft Renaissance Jury. The jury certified her as a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan, and soon elevated her to Master Artisan.

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Twenty years later, she continues to make block prints and paintings inspired by the beauty in nature, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the sweet, simple things in life.

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Career Highlights

  • 3-Time (maximum allowed) Merit Award winner at the Clothesline Art Festival, Rochester, NY
  • 1st Place in Printmaking at Corn Hill Arts Fest (several times), Rochester, NY
  • 1st Place in Printmaking at Artist Row (several times), Rochester, NY
  • 1st Place in Printmaking at Arts At The Gardens, Canandaigua, NY
  • 2016 Best In Show, the Letchworth Arts and Crafts Show | View a photo →
  • 2017 Best In Printmaking at Christkindl Market Canandaigua, NY
  • 2018 Award Of Distinction at Central Pennsylvania Festival Of The Arts, State College, PA
  • 2019 Award Of Merit at Central Pennsylvania Festival Of The Arts, State College, PA
  • 2021 and 2022 – Award of Merit at Central PA Festival of the Arts, State College, PA
  • 2022 – Best in Printmaking at the Tephra ICA Arts Festival, Reston, VA
  • 2022 – Best in Printmaking at Longs Park Art Festival, Lancaster, PA
  • 2022 – Best in Show at Artist Row, Rochester, NY
    • 2021 Poster art for the Canandaigua Lakefront Art Show | 
    • 2021 Legacy print art for the Humane Society of Rochester |
    • 1989 Portraits of the 35 students killed in the airline bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland for Syracuse University | View artwork →
    • 1997 Edition of 100 block prints for The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, Morris Plains, NJ | View artwork →
    • 2011 Park Ave Summer Artfest poster, Rochester, NY | View artwork →
    • 2001 High Speed Rail promotional design for the Genesee Transportation Authority, Rochester, NY | View artwork →
    • 2004 Oil portrait of Paychex founder and philanthropist B. Thomas Golisano for the Golisano Arts Center at Nazareth College, Rochester, NY | View artwork →
    • 2010 A set of four subscriber prints for American Bungalow Magazine | View artwork →
    • 2011 Centennial design for Mt Lakes, NJ | View artwork →
    • 2012 The 2013 Arts & Crafts Conference poster, Asheville, NC | View artwork →
    • 2013 Five centennial designs for Shoreham, NY | View artwork →
    • 2016 Bicentennial design for The Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum, Canandaigua, NY | View artwork →
    • 2017 The 2018 Arts & Crafts Conference poster, Asheville, NC | View artwork →
    • 2018 Animals of the Savanna poster for the Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester, NY | View artwork →
    • 2020 Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown, NY | View artwork →