Making Lake View II

This print was inspired by two things: fond memories of family vacations in the Adirondacks, and a lovely photograph taken by my friend Gaylon Arnold, of an Adirondack vacation. Oh, and my obsession with glittering lake water.  1: First I carve the shape for the... Read more →

Making the Autumn Woods block print

A couple of years ago, while staying at our country house in Vermont, I took a walk down our dirt road on a dazzling autumn day, and trespassed into a neighbor’s woods. I took this photo looking out into a clearing. The photo The oil painting, “Autumn... Read more →

Making the “Summer Woods III” block print

The pictures tell the story pretty well… Each time I do a carving, I start with a sharpie drawing on clear acetate, and transfer it to my linoleum. Now with a third piece of linoleum, I carve away all but the parts that should print both warm brown and dark... Read more →

Making the “Olives” block print

I made “Olives” right after a two-month hiatus, during which we cleared out and sold our country house, and then organized and pulling off a lakeside wedding for our daughter. I was so absorbed in the art making that I didn’t think to document the... Read more →

Making “Winter Woods IV”

    Here’s the first linoleum carving, used for printing the lightest color, a warm yellow background on 240 sheets of paper.   Next is a wee little carving for printing an orange halo where the sun blasts through. Then a carving to print the darkish blue. Each... Read more →