Making the “Hummingbird & Bee Balm” Block Print

Scientists estimate 1 of every 3 bites of food we eat exists beacause of pollinators like bees, butterflies, moths and other insects, bats, and some birds. I was inspired to make this print because our pollinators – like hummingbirds – are in trouble, and... Read more →

Making the “Monarch and Milkweed” Block Print

This print is the first in a new series depicting pollinators and the native plants they desperately need in order to survive. You can help pollinators – and the future of our food supply – by planting a diverse array of native plants in your garden. My... Read more →

Making the “Summer Woods III” Block Print

“Summer Woods III” was inspired by a walk through the woods near my house. The afternoon sun was blasting through the trees, making the leaves glow – my favorite thing – and wrapping around the tree trunks. I took photos, and created a design... Read more →

Making the “Tomatoes” Block Print

The “Tomatoes” block print is the most essential part of my block print series. I designed “Tomatoes” by studying a few different photos of tomatoes on the vine and creating a drawing with seven colors. This would require carving seven blocks... Read more →

The Making of Morning Mist

It started with an early morning walk through a park. The fall colors were peaking, the sky was clear, the sun turned the tree tops gold and there was a thick layer of pale blue mist on the ground! It was such an extraordinary scene, I resolved to make a new block... Read more →